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Come a Little Closer. Some Things About me.

The Fear Of Looking Back.

My name is Cheryl. I am the mother of three children. I have been separated and divorced for four years. My relationship lasted 31 years. I’m 55 years of age with what I would like to describe as a very young outlook on life and I haven’t allowed age to Stop me changing my life, just because I hit the big 50.

When I decided to change my life, some people wondered why I would like to leave the stability of what I had at this age? I knew I had to.I didn’t want this part of my life to be where it finished.

The fear of looking back at my life and wondering why the hell I hadn’t made the move to change it when I was too old to do anything about it, was way too frightening for me.

I knew it would be really hard for me to look myself in the eye and be proud of myself if I was too spineless to finally put myself first.

Settle For Unhappiness.

I really am a born people pleaser so, I’m sure many of you can imagine, it’s not easy to turn everything upside down, when it comes to our family, our children, and the fear of what life might be like outside of the life that we’re in.

Often we settle for unhappiness because we don’t trust ourselves to make things better for ourselves, by ourselves.

On the outside, everything looked rosy. On the inside, I was actually dying. I was sad. I was unloved, disrespected and I didn’t really participate in life.

I agreed with stuff for a quiet life and I was so used to my opinion, not being the right opinion to have, being laughed and sneered at, that I would stop speaking my real thoughts or wants or needs at all.

I lost self confidence. I was terrified, stuck and finally realised I had choice.

And So It Began……..My New Exciting Life…..With All It’s Ups & Downs & Realisations That Got Me Here.

You Too Have A Choice

You too have a choice. You may be in a marriage that you don’t wish to be in anymore. There are many reasons that this may be the case. I certainly don’t want to come across as a divorce peddler, however, sometimes the reality is that divorce is the only answer.

We all deserve happiness. We deserve to experience life without the weight of somebody else’s dislike or disinterest in us is our only reality. We do not ever have to settle.

You may already be divorced or single for whatever reason and feeling alone in your situation. You wish to experience growth, self-development, and the exciting exploration of life and the world, but your friends are all married or loved up. Your world has changed. Don’t let Divorce be the last thing you ever did. Make the time really count. Explore your own potential. You might just shock yourself and those around you.

There are thousands of like-minded women wishing to explore this path. It’s not easy to do alone. In fact, I’d say impossible.

A superpower I eventually learned, was the ability to ask for “Help”. It opens new doors and introduces new views and ways to look at situations we may not otherwise consider.

My Purpose is to deeply connect women to their

Heart and intuitive trust in themselves, so that they have the courage to live and experience their Authentic Freedom as they Curiously Dance Through Life.

If that sounds like you or at least what you want your life to look like, contact me…….Let’s see if we can work together.

With Lots of Love


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